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Transforming enterprises with AI

SaxeCap is a multi-strategy transformation and investment (VC, Growth, PE) holding company, focused on revolutionizing traditional industries with technology, with three divisions: (1) SaxeCap Transformations, (2) SaxeCap Products, and (3) SaxeCap Investments.

  • SaxeCap Transformations partners with over 20 leading PE firms globally, buying out and transforming over 40 businesses with automation, advanced analytics, AI, and web3 technologies, and directly generating $1B+ of enterprise value expansion.

  • SaxeCap Products houses a suite of SaxeCap's proprietary AI, automation, and web3 software businesses that SaxeCap leverages in the transformation of the aforementioned businesses. 

  • SaxeCap Investments houses a portfolio of 50+ private companies, across venture capital, growth equity, and private equity LBOs that SaxeCap supports through serving as a capital, strategic, and technology transformation partner.

SaxeCap is the leading technology transformation firm in private equity.  Contact us to learn more. 

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