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Case Studies

SaxeCap Transformations have yielded over $1B in enterprise expansion value across old economy industries like Education, HR , Travel & Hospitality, Asset Management, Supply Chain, and Insurance. Our team has executed over two dozen of these transformations, and illustrative case studies are highlighted here.  

Transforming Customer Experience in Education

Back to School

K-12 Online School Serving 12,000+ Students

In the span of 8 weeks, the SaxeCap team designed and deployed a bespoke customer experience product that has increased up-sell by more than 3x, decreased churn by more than 12%, and sent over 200,000 personalized marketing messages

Supercharging Productivity in Travel

$500M+ PE-Owned Group Travel Firm

Over the course of six weeks, the SaxeCap team built an automation system that augmented the travel firm's work of booking over 500,000 group travel tickets annually. The resulting efficiencies have yielded $8-10M in airfare spend reduction and a 15%+ EBITDA expansion

Flight Board

Predicting Compliance Violations in Financial Services

Display of Stock Market Quotes

$100M Compliance Software Firm

SaxeCap operationalized 10+ years of proprietary compliance violation data to build a machine learning-based system to calculate employee risk scores and allow clients to proactively address compliance risks and reduce compliance costs and risks. The resulting product is the only AI-based product in their market. 

Automating Manual Workflows in Media

$1B+ Media BPO Firm

Over the course of 8 weeks, the SaxeCap team built and deployed a bespoke automation system to automate high volume, manual processes that determined initial and residual payments for actors, directors, writers, guilds, etc. The deployment outcome was a $6M+ annual cost savings

Film Reel
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