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We are the leading AI transformation platform in private equity.

SaxeCap is an AI transformation & investment holding company, focused on revolutionizing traditional industries with generative AI, traditional AI, and automation, in partnership with 30+ private equity funds and 100+ companies globally.  We have driven $2B+ of enterprise value expansion across a wide variety of industries.


SaxeCap Transformations partners with 30+ leading PE firms and 100+ independent companies globally, investing in buyouts and transforming businesses with automation, advanced analytics, and AI technologies, generating $2B+ of enterprise value expansion to date. We have run successful transformations in a wide variety of industries, including business services, software, healthcare, financial services, media, hospitality, etc.


SaxeCap Investments participates in buyouts alongside our PE partners that we subsequently transform with AI & automation, currently managing a portfolio of assets across education, software, business services, and healthcare, with $100M+ in assets under management.


SaxeCap Products houses a suite of 7 proprietary AI, automation, and optimization software products that are deployed into businesses to drive rapid enterprise value expansion.

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