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Transformation Strategy

The identification of high ROI automation, advanced analytics, &  AI implementation opportunities to establish data, automation & AI roadmap of a company.

AI-driven Process Improvement

The operationalization of internal data assets to improve business processes, including churn prediction & prevention, cross & up-sell enablement, risk, etc.

Human Capital Automation

The end-to-end automation of human capital activity in high volume and low-skilled human capital environments.

AI-driven Service Innovation

The operationalization of internal data assets to innovate on the core product or service offering of a company.

Human Capital Augmentation

The augmentation of human capital to perform their jobs 10-100x as effectively through the retrieval and synthesis of internal and external data.

SaxeCap Products

The deployment of a SaxeCap product, including Customax (AI-driven customer value maximization), Apollo (labor optimization), and Hermes (supply chain optimization) to drive productized value creation.

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